Who I am and what I enjoy doing

My name is Katherine Metz and I am the artist that is, “the Urban Wood Witch.” Why the Wood Witch……it’s a play on words really…good witches change things to make people happy…I like to think that is what I do…but with wood recycled items!!

I love being creative and shopping at thrift stores, garage sales and antique shops. This, combined with with my love for working with wood are the basis of my work. All the embellishments that I use are recycled. One man’s junk is another’s treasures. I love to use what others consider no longer useful and turn them into something new and fun for your home or garden.

Customizing pieces using personal items and pyrography (wood burning) has proven to be a hit. I hope that everyone who owns a piece of my work enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating them.

Thank you for dropping by to take a look. If you would like something customized, do not hesitate to contact me and together, we will make your vision happen.